Allenway of Bourne

We are a family run business that treats their customers the way they would like to be treated themselves. Allenway of Bourne specialises in supplying independent retailers, wholesalers, department stores and garden centres. Allenway uses its wealth of experience to import and distribute shower curtains, bathroom and shower accessories and products, cord pulls, housewares, silhouette lace and tri-circle padlocks throughout the United Kingdom.


Allenway of Bourne started in 1984 by father and son team Ron and Roger Allen by selling ironing board covers and padlocks with only a shed in the back garden as a warehouse. From those early days, the business has now grown with full warehousing facilities and deliveries are made using a host of couriers insuring the quickest and most efficient national coverage. Our sales representatives are some of the longest serving in the industry and their knowledge and support are unrivalled.


Our experienced sales staff will be happy to take your order whether it is personally, by phone, fax or email. For more information, visit our contact page.